6 Health Benefits of Getting a Massage

Woman getting a massage


A massage feels pleasant and helps to relax. But it offers many other advantages and even has a positive effect on health. Just like this 출장마사지 추천 (business trip massage recommendation), this article will show you how you can benefit from a massage.

1. Release of hardening and tension in the muscles

The most well-known effect of a massage is the release of tension. These are caused by incorrect posture or incorrect strain, but sore muscles can also be the cause. People who spend the whole day at a desk often suffer from tension. Although they usually start out harmless, if left unsolved, they can become chronic pain. With a variety of massage techniques, even stubborn hardening can be gotten rid of, which leads to a whole new attitude toward life.

2. Increased blood circulation through massage

A classic massage penetrates deep into the tissue layers. This stimulates blood circulation and promotes cell metabolism in the tissue. The advantage of better blood circulation is that the massaged areas of the body are supplied with nutrients more effectively. In addition, the cells are better able to remove waste products more quickly. You can achieve this effect both with a massage by a masseur and with a massage chair.

The blood circulation-promoting effect of massages is also used to support wound healing. For this purpose, the affected tissue is regularly massaged so that a wound heals faster and no unsightly scars form. It is important not to treat fresh wounds. You should also be careful with scars after an operation – you should first consult a doctor.

3. Stronger immune system

Massages have a positive effect on general body awareness. In addition, the metabolism is stimulated, which strengthens the immune system. A classic massage is suitable for this, but foot reflexology also contributes to a healthy immune system. That’s because there are many points in the foot from which nerves run to various organs – not to mention the blood and lymphatic systems that connect different parts of the feet to the rest of the body. The stimuli created during a massage can activate the body’s self-healing powers. For a particularly high effect, fragrances and essential oils are ideally used to support the body’s defenses.


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4. Better sleep through massage

Insomnia is a problem affecting more and more people. However, insomnia can be improved by relaxing massages. As known through Chinese medicine, certain parts of the body have different functions on the body. This is what makes acupuncture so effective.

For better sleep, there are even 4 of these places. The Spirit Gate is on the hand, the Bladder 62 on the foot, the Yin Tang between the eyebrows, and the Conception Vessel 17 in the center of the chest. An Ayurveda massage also ensures relaxation and thus a peaceful sleep.

5. No more anxiety and stress

Nobody can deny that a massage has a relaxing effect. But most people are not aware that a massage is even effective against anxiety and depression. The reason for this is again that the metabolism of the cells is stimulated. The hormone oxytocin is released, which is largely responsible for positive emotions. Endorphins are also released from the brain, which is probably the most important happy hormone of all. Therefore, if you have negative thoughts, depressive moods, or severe stress, you should have a massage done.

6. Purification of the body

There are traumas and diseases that ensure that the body cannot properly remove the fluid in the lymphatic system. While the most common treatment is lymphatic drainage, many forget that a vigorous manual massage can also work wonders. The best results are achieved by combining both treatments. Cellulite can also be effectively combated with it so that you can soon say goodbye to orange peel skin.